1. i must have known about john lee before i ended up on his website last night.  i had to have, because the moment i hit the landing page on his site, i knew that i already knew that he had worked with tyler florence.  and i knew this because two summers ago i drove eight hours from boston, massachusetts to lubec, maine with tyler, his son, and my best friend, molly.  i won’t go into too many details about the logistics, but basically food network was shooting a show and tyler needed a makeup artist and, at the time, i was a makeup artist, and it just so happened that he also needed a driver and molly is a REALLY GOOD DRIVER.  tyler’s son was on summer vacation, so he came along to hang out and the four of us drove up the coast in a rented minivan.  the whole thing was pretty wonderful and surreal and i only remember little snippets like how tyler listened to wah-wah on repeat in the car and how he kept stressing about the layout of his new cookbook (shot by john lee) and molly kept whispering to me “i really don’t care.  his culinary style is so unappealing” AND the look on the chef’s face at sportello where tyler, without meaning to be an asshole, loudly asked if he could have some more salt for his meal.  also there was the inn in lubec where tyler convinced me to try a lobster roll for the first time, so i decided to just TREAT EVERYONE TO LOBSTER ROLLS and then the bill was like a trillion dollars so i made molly split it with me.  

    i guess i’m not doing the whole thing justice, which doesn’t really matter because i didn’t come here to reminisce about hanging out with a food network personality (and besides, i’d rather hang in the hamptons with ina).  i guess i just like john lee’s photos because they brought back some nice memories of a really simple summer.

    not to mention, trout is so trendy right now, i figured tagging it would get this lil’ blog some action. 


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